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A Pedorthist is an individual who is trained in the management and treatment of conditions of the foot, ankle, and lower extremities requiring fitting, fabricating, and adjusting of foot orthoses. 


Pedorthists employ a variety of casting techniques and technologies to make an accurate impression of your feet as the foundation for your custom-orthotics.


  • Pedorthists perform a biomechanical assessment that takes approximately 45 minutes and includes: interview to discuss areas of concern, examination of foot and lower limb function, review of your current footwear, and evaluation of your gait.

  • Pedorthists help patients with a wide range of foot and lower limb dysfunctions, including:

    • Arthritis

    • Diabetes 

    • Bunions

    • Excessive corns and callusing

    • Over/Under Pronation

    • Foot Pain

    • Lower Limb & Back Pain

    • Skin Conditions

    • Sports Injuries

  • Pedorthists focus on the assessment of lower anatomy, muscle and joint function, as well as the interaction of the foot and lower limb with the rest of the body to alleviate pain, abnormalities and debilitation conditions of the lower limb and feet.

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Personalized treatment plans, tailored to your needs 

Personalized treatment plans, tailored to your needs 

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